Cell project

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This project has good and bad things. The good things are that we’re doing, creating, building our own learning and I’m understanding a litle bit more even though I don’t remember the names of each part. The bad things are because we can’t concentrate much like in regular classes. There is too much noise and you always want to talk to your friends.

I learned that plant and animal cells are different, in cell plants its called cell wall and in animal cells its called cell membrane. I also learned that cell plants have chloroplast which makes them green and animal cells don’t have this.

In cell differentiation I learned that stem cells are the ones that don’t have a job and then they do have a job.

There are some studies that are looking if stem cells can heal some diseases like diabetes.


In the Mitochondria project, I learned that respiration is different from breathing and that mitochondria is what makes respiration happen. I also learned that this process doesn’t happen in humans only but also in all plants and animals.

A good way to understand this is with brain pop because I can see things to understand better. It helps to watch it many times and make pauses in which my Shadow Teacher explains what is going on.

From mitosis I learned that is when cells divide. It has four steps. Prophase is when the cell membrane disappears. Then in the metaphase, the chromosomes line up. Then in the anaphase, the chromosomes separate and finally in the telophase, two mucleus are formed.


Developing my metacognitive learning

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I chose my mid term exam and the poster about water pollution.

I’m proud of these pieces because I made them with my own hands and I studied a lot. I like things with pictures and things I can do with my hands because I understand better when I see things.

I also liked the project about the birds because we worked in groups and we made a lot of activities. I learned the different types of food the birds eat in order to survive, which ones they like more and the ones they don’t like. I like to make things.

I am not so proud of the movie we saw because we didn’t see it all so I didn’t understand it much.

Voice Thread

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Post Never cry wolf

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In this blog I’m going to write about what I learned about the wolves. I will also describe the environment: thundra.


  • have longer feet than dogs
  • they live with their group, they are with their group most of the time
  • they are protective of their family
  • they eat mice
  • they are white (arctic ones)
  • they are loyal to one another, if something happens to one of the members, they won’t mate again
  • they attack when they are in danger
  • loving to each other
  • they are always aware of their environment (inmerse in it)


  • snow in mountains
  • few trees
  • few grass
  • very cold
  • just a little part of the soil melts, the rest is still ice


Blog 4C

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I think that life in the future wouldn’t be sustainable because there are a lot of things that will change our way of living. One of the things that will change the most is technology and we have to create many things in order to save our planet so the things that we will build will be technologycal but also echological because we are seeing that the planet is getting destruct and we have to decrease our pollution with our new green inventions. We have to use less gases and plastic and we have to make things that can be biodegradable if we want the planet to exist.

Sustainability 2

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I think that things could change in the future. For example water may be cleaner if we dont throw garbage to the rivers or ocean and the air could be cleaner if we change gasoline for garbage or other components to act as fuel. Also to clean the air, we can go back to the way agriculture was in the past and therefore we dont need a lot of machinery that produces CO2. So I think that life would not be sustainable if we continue to live the way we do now because of all the pollution and the global warming. we have to do something to clean up the air and the way we live because we are destroying everything with so much harm to the Earth. We also have to clean up the noise pollution and we can do it by turning off the lights at 9 pm to help with energy saving too.


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I think that my lifestyle is environmentally sustainable because the things I have in my house right now will be used in the future as well. Although I also think that in the future we are going to need many more things than today. For example we will need more technology, and more materials because each day people invent new things and we want them. Because of that I think that I will have an 8 as the number that represents me because there will be more things in the future that we don’t have now. I think that in the future with all the floods, we could use that water instead of gasoline so the environment will be cleaner.

Blog 3 Creationism vs Evolution

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Before this science class, I did not know about the evolution theory. I always believed that we came to Earth because God made us and he also created the whole universe. Now I understand that many, many years ago, there were other human beings who hadn’t evolve and throughout the years they began to change and have more skills. At first the first human beings walked in four legs and had different features, then they began to walk in two legs and used their thumb to grab things and be more skillfull. Then they had a different brain size and they could do more things and be better with their thinking. I also know now that all the animals went through this same process and that in order to survive they had to adapt to the environment like the turtle with the new, larger neck to grab the leaves from the trees when there was no more food in the ground.


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I learned from this experience of doing the map that it was not easy to find the coordinates of the places he visited. It was confusing and we made a lot of mistakes trying to put all the places in order. To me, the computer was very useful because it helped me to see the species that evolutionated through out the years because it’s not the same to imagine them as to see them with pictures. What I learned from evolution was to know about the fossils because you can see clearly how the animals were in those days and in the beginning of times, how they changed. It is important because the animals adapted themselves to the changing world in order to survive.


Geological Time

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What I found most interesting about this presentation was to see how old the Earth is and all the things that have happened in many years.

I also enjoyed the part where we had to guess and organize the different events of life.

I also learned that the Earth has many layers and the one at the bottom is the oldest, the one at the top is the earliest and that is called the Law of Superposition which means one layer on top of the other one. Another thing that I learned is that the Earth began 15 million years ago and life began 5 million years ago. I also learned that modern humans appeared on a period called the Quaternary.


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